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Step into the gooey metaphorical shoes of the least likely hero in gaming history, who must save his world from the greatest villain in gaming history! Witness the unexpected birth of a legend, embark upon a grand adventure, and uncover a sinister plot (among other shameless genre-defining tropes)!


  • Kid-oriented design (play-tested by schoolchildren!)
  • Ultra cheesy humor (dad jokes ftw!)
  • Novel character concepts
  • Linear story-driven adventure plot
  • Fantasy setting with a rich cosmology
  • Puzzle-based gameplay (simple to moderate difficulty)
  • No random encounters, default RPG engine battles, or leveling
  • No equipment or inventory management (only a few quest items)
  • Character progression based on a unique mutation system
  • A moral to the story
  • And much, much more!


  • Arrow keys to move
  • Z or Space to Interact
  • X or Esc to Cancel
  • Mouse works for menus only
  • Rarely, SHIFT for special attacks (you will see an in-game prompt)


  • By chalkdust
  • Made with RPG Maker MV, assets, and DLC ©KADOKAWA Corporation and Degica, Co. LTD.
  • Art: Avery, whtdragon, Panda Maru, hiddenone, Lunarea, Katakura Hibiki, Candacis, Indrah, MrPyramidHead, 魚圭, Sherman3D
  • Scripting: Galv, Yanfly, Tor Damien Design (Galenmareth), Hime, Neon Black, Shaz, Chaucer, Victor Sant


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Where is the download link?

It was free during the contest, but the game is only available through Steam now (for 99 cents).


This game was wonderful. The story was very original, the puzzles were unique and appropriate to the various elemental themes, and being able to shift between various creatures to solve a problem is such a novel concept. Reminds me very much of the Fade puzzles in DragonAge. Very nice. Overall, the game is clever and very well constructed. I think my only issue is that it does drag on a bit. Not that every new aspect of the adventure isn't perfectly  contrived and executed; quite the contrary. Personally, I just think there might have been one too many adventures. I would, however, certainly recommend this to any prospective casual gamer, and (so far) it has my vote for the IGMC 2017. Well done! :)  

Thank you so much for the kind words!!